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        1. Welcome to Weicheng New Materials (Shandong) Co., Ltd

          同 / 呼 / 吸 / 共 / 命 / 運

          Breathe together and share a common destiny


          About Us

          Located in the Chemical Park of Xuecheng District in Zaozhuang City of Shandong Province, Weicheng Advanced Material (Shandong) Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise integrating development, production, sales and service, with a total investment of CNY 380 million and a total area of 40,000 square meters. Insisting on technological innovation to create value for customers, our company now has advanced technology patents, processes and equipment in China. At present, our products are well sold in the United States, the Netherlands, Germany, Japan, South Korea, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

          Over years of development, our company now has a number of production lines such as 6,000 t/a of Glycidyl methacrylate (106-91-2), 9,000 t/a of Sodium methacrylate, 1,000 t/a of TPO-L, 1,000 t/a of 1,2-pentanediol, 1,000 tons/1,3-Propanediol, 1,000 t/a of Butane-1,4-diol, 1,000 t/a of 1,6-Hexanediol and 1,700 t/a of ion exchange resin. Taking technological innovation as the main driving force, "creating a resource-saving and environment-friendly enterprise" as tenet and "technology guidance, precision manufacturing" as concept, we are striving to be a trustworthy GMA supplier in the world. With high-quality products, excellent service and good reputation, Weicheng Advanced Material (Shandong) Co., Ltd. wholeheartedly welcomes friends at home and abroad to discuss cooperation and work together to create a bright future!



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